Post labor body: nothing is as it seems

After the announcement of the new royal baby, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry showed the world the baby just two days after giving birth. Her public appearance sparked controversy and huge debate. One side argued it sent women the wrong message about post labor body expectations. The other side marveled at how beautiful she embodied motherhood. The truth is: she is not like us regular moms, she’s royalty. Let me break it down for you what real post labor body will look like.

Normal moms

Although labor is a magical moment, it’s not glamorous. Some celebrities are shown on TV or inpictures giving birth with full make up, lashes and hair done. But they have an image to maintain and live off their looks. Us normal moms are not thinking about our look and how much our labor photos are going to sell in the press. It doesn’t matter what type of birth you have, vaginal, cesarean, water etc. we all look like a hot mess. If you’re pregnant and you think you will have time for hair and makeup or you think your makeup and hair will remain intact, sorry to break it to yo,  but that’s all false. While giving birth you are sweating, crying, screaming, naked, you probably didn’t shave and some will even poop. The situation and the pain is so intense that your looks will be the last thing you think about.

I just want to rest

After giving birth, you get cleaned up, are given a new hospital gown and those infamous mesh underwear. Once the wave of emotions calmes down, you might have time and energy to freshen up and do your makeup. But the reality is, you are in pain, on meds, thirsty, hungry and all you wanna do is rest and hold your baby. Doctors and nurses are coming in and out; handing you a bunch of paperwork and throwing information at you that you can’t even think straight. When you finally get to go home, most of us will choose a loose and comfortable outfit (sweat pants and sneakers) and little or no makeup. I’m 99% sure women go straight home because all you want to do is sleep and be in the comfort of your own home. So the truth is, we don’t leave the hospital in heels, a dress and hair and make up done. We leave with a smile and a heart full of gratitude to the doctors and nurses that took care of us.

Pain, bleed and stitches

After labor you’re in pain, bleeding and in stitches. You still look pregnant and have a belly. It took 9 months to stretch out your skin. Yes, your body is magical and created a human, but it’s not magical in the sense that your stomach will go flat overnight. Your body just went through immense transformation and what it needs right now is appreciation, love and rest. Meghan Markle looked beautiful and must follow royal protocol. Whether or not it was right or wrong for her to make a public appearance, it’s not for us to judge. If you are a mommy to be, don’t have those unrealistic expectations and don’t focus on image. If you’re concerned with your post labor body and how you will look when you post it on social media, you are focusing on the wrong things in life. The most important moment of your life is about to happen and the only thing that matters is that baby. If you just gave birth and feel bad that you didn’t look like Meghan Markle, don’t compare yourself, you did the most beautiful thing a women can do which is give life.

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