“I’m eating for two.” The biggest lie, so ladies, we need to stop

The most common phrase among pregnant women is: “I’m eating for two.” The biggest lie, so ladies, we need to stop right away! It’s not just an innocent lie, it has serious consequences. Let’s get real about why we must stop taking this lightly. 

When you’re pregnant, in the beginning you can’t keep anything down.

Most of us can barely eat crackers and drink water. Then the second trimester rolls around and along with the baby kicks, the cravings kick in. Sometimes the cravings can be random parings such as pickles with ice cream. Sometimes those cravings happen at 3am. Sometimes those cravings turn into extra servings of food. Most pregnant women cave into those cravings, which is perfectly fine, if done in moderation. 

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Pregnancy consists of long months of physical, mental and emotional changes.

So to deal with those ups and downs, it’s perfectly normal to indulge. The weight gain is inevitable, so why not go for that extra pizza slice, that 3rd plate of ice cream, that second cheeseburger or extra fries. Because realistically you are not eating for two and you’re putting your health and baby at risk. 

Your baby is not actually eating and digesting that second cheeseburger and believe it or not, eating healthy does make an impact.

Yes, those cravings will make you happy in that moment, but let’s think longterm. If you don’t eat healthy and balanced meals, the excessive weight gain can lead to serious health complications. Those health issues could lead to: cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and issues with your pregnancy. Some women are placed on bed rest or develop gestational diabetes. Some women have difficult child labors that put the mom and baby in serious risk. 

Cómo tener un embarazo feliz y saludable

Even though some women and babies develop health issues during pregnancy, fortunately, we have medical doctors.

But who’s fault is it when we have medical complications? I was speaking to one of my doctors in Mexico and she said it would be great if I spoke to her patients about discipline with eating. She said that most of her patients have serious weight gain issues and they famously recite the phrase: “I’m eating for two.” As they monitor the baby and mom, the doctors always remind patients to be conscious of their weight, but most don’t care to listen. She explain that they have to treat them or else they get accused of discrimination, but that doctors get blamed if something goes wrong. That no matter what you tell a pregnant women, when faced with a tough labor or health issues, the doctors are responsible. She said that most patients aren’t held accountable and won’t accept responsibility. 

A family member of mine, during her pregnancy, she continued to make poor health decisions and her high blood pressure caused led to preeclampsia.

She had to be induced and her baby was born premature. At every prenatal checkup her doctor would say, “If you continue to gain a lot of weight and due to your health and age, I’m afraid I won’t be able to treat you anymore. I’ll have to refer you to someone else because I can’t take the risk.” Her attitude was, “Well I’m paying, so the doctor is going to have to treat me.” But that is what my doctor was to referring to, we as pregnant women must be responsible.  

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I’m not saying that you should diet during pregnancy, but please watch what you eat. It’s ok to indulge in your cravings, to go for that extra serving of food, but don’t over do it. Don’t think you can eat poorly and it won’t effect the baby. Try to have a balanced diet and workout daily. Remember, you are not literally eating for two

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