I just had a baby and I can’t wait to workout again

It really annoys me when celebrity moms send the wrong message about motherhood. During the 4th trimester, women are at their most vulnerable state and what we see on social media can have a negative impact on our emotions. I’ve notice that these celebrity moms that just gave birth, within weeks (or even within days) will post pictures of their postpartum bodies and caption that they can’t wait to workout again. Some of them have a tiny body that it doesn’t even seem like they just had a baby. Mothers that just gave birth or if you’re about to give birth, stop thinking about working out and gaining your body back. 

Every women’s body is different and every birth story is different.

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Bikini or One piece?? Either way just get your arse to the beach. It honestly doesn’t matter. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Everyone has a bikini body and everyone deserves the freedom to wear what they want. I know how hard it can be seeing your body go from being toned & fit to more curvy & jiggly after having a baby. It doesn’t just affect us physically but mentally also. After my 1st and 2nd babies I was fairly lucky to bounce back into shape because I was much younger and sportier. But after my 3rd & 4th bubs I suffered badly from Diastasis Recti. And in the society we live in these days, I felt added pressure to be back to an unrealistic size straight after giving birth. I tried to ignore all the comments like, “when are you due?” and “why does your tummy still poke out?”. You then have to learn how to love yourself & be grateful for what your body has done all over again. Getting used to seeing your belly popping out isn't easy especially when it feels like it's out of your control. It's taken me much longer to feel good in my own skin since having Hildie. But I’m now to the point where it doesn’t bother me what others think of me. Some mother's bounce back straight away & others not at all. But regardless, it's always worth it to hold our beautiful babies in our arms. We always have to remember that we are enough and our children will love us no matter what. Be grateful always, because the things you have someone else is praying for. 💕💕 #postpartumbody #postpartum #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair #selflovematters #beyourself #bekind #motherof4 #stretchmarks

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Some women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy while others don’t. Some have complicated pregnancies and harsh births, while others don’t. Some will get back to their pre-pregnancy weight fairly quickly while others might take years. Regardless, stop, stop, and I repeat in capital letters, STOP, thinking about that.  After you give birth, the 4th trimester is the time for you to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Your body just went through a major transformation and you need to be patient. You can’t expect to rapidly be able to workout again. Even if your doctor gives you the green light, you won’t be able to go full force and have an intense workout. You need to slowly build that strength, endurance and energy. 


Mentally, you are transitioning to this role in motherhood

If this is your first child, you are adapting to this new chapter in life and learning how to care for your baby. Some things may come naturally while you may struggle with other aspects, such as knowing when the baby is crying because he’s hungry or in pain or in need of mommy’s comfort. If you already have children, you are balancing your time and meeting all of your kids’ needs. If you plan on returning to work, you’re using your maternity time to prepare for the following months. You may be pumping, building a stash of milk and getting your baby to take a bottle. 

But most importantly, you need to focus on your emotional state

This 4th trimester can be overwhelming and scary. With the late night feedings and lack of sleep, sometimes we aren’t in the best of moods. Some women develop postpartum depression and anxiety. Some women have a challenging time letting go of their old self and coming to terms with their role. Some women have a disconnect from the baby while others are so attached that they debate on whether they should go back to work. Take this time to heal and solely focus on your baby. Enjoy this newborn stage; stop stressing about things you may not be able to control right at this moment. 


Thinking about working out is not important

You will eventually go back to the gym and yes, eventually you can go back to your pre-baby weight. However, this 4th trimester is not the time to be thinking about exercise. Don’t compare yourself and your body to the ones you see on social media. You may see these celebrities raving about how they bounced back quickly but don’t pressure yourself. Don’t feel like you are failing or your less than. Love your body. Your body just gave birth to a beautiful baby. Show gratitude to your body. Be patient with your body. If you just had a baby, stop thing about working out again. 

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