C-Section Birth Controversy

April is Cesarean Awareness month. I had a vaginal birth with my son and although I understand the process, procedure and recovery, I also understand the controversy behind c-section vs. vaginal birth. 

No matter what type of birth you have, where you give birth and whether it’s medicated or not; what matters is that the baby be born safe and healthy

There are women that have no choice and due to health problems, must have a c-section.

People will make comments of feeling sorry for them for missing out on a vaginal birth. This causes a lot of stress and anxiety on the pregnant mom since it’s a situation they cannot control. There are women that must have an emergency c-section and feel defeated because labor didn’t go as they planned. This can lead to postpartum depression.

There are many reasons why women don’t want a cesarean birth. If you want an unmedicated birth, you don’t want to have a scar, and you don’t want to give birth in a hospital, with a c-section you have no choice. Also, it will take your body longer to heal.

Cesarea todo lo que tienes que saber sobre ella

¿But why is it so controversial?

Because it becomes a competition of who had it better/worse and who is a “better” mom. Some women feel an immense pressure to have a vaginal birth and with a c-section, they feel like they won’t get to experience the real and true magical experience of giving life. Our bodies are naturally trained for this and therefore they resent themselves and their body for not doing what it’s “supposed” to do.

Some women want to get a c-section. They don’t want to feel any pain and don’t want to feel the contractions. They want the birth process to be done in a fairly quick manner. So the women that have vaginal births and had labor pain for hours, even days, feel jealous that the c-section mom had an “easy” labor. They feel that c-section women “chickened out” by not wanting to experience the pain. There are cesarean women that say you are wrong for not choosing a c-section because you could have avoided all the trouble of a vaginal birth. Trust me, I’ve met cesarean and vaginal birth moms and have witness these awkward conversations. I’ve heard it all. 

Diferencias entre el parto vaginal y la cesárea

I live in both the USA and Mexico and have learned about how c-sections are dealt with in each country.

From the moms I connect with and based on my research, hospitals in the U.S. advocate for vaginal births and only resort to a c-section if there’s a health issue. If you want a cesarean birth, doctors will try to persuade you against it. In Mexico, based on my research and moms I connect with, doctors and hospitals really push for a cesarean birth. In Mexico, it’s a lucrative business, therefore, if you want a c-section, they won’t persuade you against it. During the intense labor pain of contractions, doctors will immediately say that the best option is a cesarean. 

C-sections are on a case by case situation. It depends on the hospital, the doctor, the patient and the baby. Not one experience compares and each mom has their own labor story to tell. If you’re debating what birth you wish to have, don’t base it off of anyone’s opinions; use your own judgment. It’s not a competition and it won’t make you a better or less mom. 

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