The top Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is a meaningful and special holiday. It’s a day that we show gratitude to our mothers for the sacrifices they make. It’s a day of feeling overjoyed and blessed for being a mother but it’s also a day in which we want to feel loved and appreciated. Last year I was in the 4th trimester and adjusting to life with a newborn. This year, I can actually celebrate. In an online chat group, I learned we all share similar wishes, so here are the top five gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Personalized gifts


We love gifts that are made by our children such drawings but we also love jewelry with the names or initials of our kids. We want gifts that show that our husbands understand our likes and dislikes. If we have a favorite flower, a favorite color, or preferred brand, we love being gifted things we want; that means no home appliances (unless mom asks for a new blender).



One of the main struggles of mom life is having time/energy to care for ourselves. With our babies and carpooling from one activity to another, we find ourselves with little or no makeup, hair up in a bun, a t-shirt and jeans. Mother’s Day is the perfect day to get pampered. So dad’s take the kids and gift mommy a day at the spa, a massage, a mani-pedi, and/or an appointment at the salon. It can also be a gift for an exercise class such as yoga, zumba, meditation etc.




Motherhood is a 24/7 job and at times we feel unappreciated, stressed and overwhelmed. Sometimes we just need to get away from the chaos of the daily routine so a much needed and deserved vacation trip is a great option. A trip is a chance for the family to adventure and explore a new place and create family memories.


Money/gift Cards

Dad’s sometimes you miss the mark and gift us unnecessary or unwanted items. Some fathers might have good intentions while others don’t think much of it. So just give us the money or gift cards and let us go off and shop on our own. My dad used to buy my mom perfume or slippers until she said just give me money so I can go spend the day at the mall, buy whatever I want and not be bothered with “What’s for dinner?”


Family time

Although at times we wish we could get away from our kids and have a decent shower, the truth is that when we are away from our children we miss them dearly. So for Mother’s Day we want to spend time with our children and get lost in their hugs and kisses. The best gift is spending the day as a family; whether it’s going out to eat, to the park, to the movies, to the mall or a having home-cooked meal (made by the dad of course).

Happy Mother’s Day!

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