The most popular trends during pregnancy

During pregnancy you prepare for the baby and participate in pre-baby events. In a world of perfect and at times unrealistic social media posts, at our most vulnerable moment we get caught up with the latest trends. We have FOMOand feel that if we dont partake in these trends, we wont have a memorable pregnancy. Ill share with you those trends and why you shouldnt feel pressure to keep up. Choose the one that most appeals to you, enjoy your pregnancy your way and stop having high expectations.


The most popular trend is a gender reveal party


There are tons of online videos and some are the typical balloon or cake reveal. Deciding on whether or not to know the gender is a personal choice. Some couples argue because one person wants to know but the other wants to be surprised. A couple I met struggled with their decision and the woman said she wanted a party because it was the cool thing to do and didnt want to regret not having one. Another couple I met had a party but during the reveal she was uncomfortable and awkwardly trying to hide her disappointment in the gender. She later felt like it should have been a private moment instead.


Another one is the baby shower

Some women dont like being the center of attention but are pressured to have a party. A friend of mine wanted an intimate gathering with her friends but her mother wanted to have a huge party. Her mother was excited about her first grandchild but the party became about her showing off that she didnt care for her pregnant daughters wishes. My friend was upset that she had no say in the party-planning but was too embarrassed to cancel it. A woman I know was more concerned about having the perfect party and pleasing the guests that she ended up exceeding her budget.


A push present


A relatively new trend is a push present.Its a gift from the husband to his wife as a gesture of appreciation for delivering the baby. The gift can be jewelry, handbag or even a car. A friend of mine demanded a new car. The husband was then stressed with having to pay the medical bills and car payments. Maternity photo shoots is one of the most special trends. My friend wanted to have a professional photo shoot but it was out of her budget. Her husband suggested they used his camera but she felt they wouldnt be worthy of posting them on Facebook. Her husband finally convinced her; the photos were amazing and she felt horrible for comparing hers to the ones on Instagram.

You can have whatever you want

I didnt have a gender reveal party because we found out from the blood tests (we were too excited and wanted to know right away). I didnt have a baby shower because I went on a babymoon (check out post). I did have a maternity photo shoot and it was a special day that my husband and I cherish.

Pregnancy is a magical time and there are many ways to honor and capture those moments. We all want to show the best ofon social media but we cant have high expectations. Dont focus on what the latest trend is and stop comparing yourself. Its your pregnancy and choose whatever fits your lifestyle. Theres a life inside of you that is about to change your life and the best is yet to come.

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