My husband and pregnancy issues

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience and my husband made it memorable thanks to his love and support. When we found out we were pregnant, my husband was so excited he couldn’t contain himself. He wanted to tell the whole world but I made him wait until I was five months.

Pregnant, ¡yay!

We told our immediate family when I was three months but because I was barely showing, we waited two more months to announce it. My husband was wonderful throughout my pregnancy. I confess I used the “I’m carrying your child” line way too many times. I would get him to give me foot rubs and back massages. Ladies, this is a crucial time for us to get spoiled.

Shopping time

Shopping for baby clothes, toys, stroller, crib, etc. was the highlight of our weekends. We were excited about the next stage in our lives, but it was also bittersweet that we were saying goodbye to our old life. We made sure to have as many date nights as possible. We went to Broadway shows, to the movies and to fancy restaurants. But the best part of our date nights was simply enjoying a quiet evening at home watching tv.

Doctor appointments

The best way he showed his support was by going to all my doctor appointments. Getting blood tests was scary and my husband was always there to hold my hand. And when we had the ultrasounds, it was magical moments that we cherished. It was so exciting to see our baby and it was surreal to think we had created a little human. Anytime I felt nervous or anxious he was there to console me.

Birthing class

I convinced my husband to take a birthing class and although he was reluctant at first, it ended up being informative and fun. We learned about birthing positions to help during contractions and the breathing techniques. We learned about team work and what to expect during labor. It prepared us for what would be the most important moment of our lives.

Maternity shoots

One of the most memorable moments of my pregnancy was when my husband surprised me with two maternity shoots. One day, I woke up and there was an artist at my house who had come over to do a body paint photoshoot. She painted a baby luchador on my belly and took photos of us. A week later he took me to a studio where he had booked me for a maternity shoot. We posed in several outfits and I showed off my belly. It was the first time I had done anything like that. I felt like the most beautiful woman and my husband helped me feel confident in my poses. Every time I look at those pictures, I remember that special time and I thank my husband for giving me those wonderful memories.

Body changes

During pregnancy, we go through a wave of emotions and our body changes effect our mood swings. Sometimes we feel alone and annoyed that our significant other won’t understand how hard pregnancy can be. We feel like he is not sensitive to our feelings or that he doesn’t even care. A simple foot rub is not only a sign of affection, it’s a sign of gratitude. We want to feel secure and that you will be by our side throughout the entire process; loving us and holding our hand as we welcome our baby to the world.

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