Maternal instinct: exist or it doesn’t?

There is no greater love than a mother’s love. That unbreakable bond between baby and mother that begins in pregnancy is magical. Becoming a mother is the best thing to ever happen to me. I knew motherhood would change me, but I never imagined the magnitud it would have on my heart. Scientists claim that maternal instinct doesn’t exist but I believe it does, no matter what “scientific evidence” claims.

Maternal instinct

Maternal instinct is said to be hormones release shortly after giving birth. It’s a sense of protecting one’s child at all costs. Some women say they don’t have this feeling because they have no desire to have children. However, it’s not the same. Deciding to have children or not is a choice and has nothing to do with maternal instinct. Some argue that it doesn’t apply just to birth mothers and that it goes beyond hormones. Others argue the term excludes fathers. What about “paternal instinct”?

Crying baby

I believe maternal instinct does kick in once you become a mother, whether it be by giving birth to a child or not. During pregnancy, I read a lot of books in order to prepare for motherhood. But when I had my child, I was terrified but my mom assured me that I would figure things out and to trust my maternal instinct. It hasn’t been easy but with a lot of patience with myself, I have learned to trust that maternal instinct.

¿What’s happend?

For example, when your newborn cries, you don’t know if he’s hungry, he’s hot or cold, he has colic or a cold, has a dirty diaper or is uncomfortable with the clothing, he’s bored or just wants to be held. You try to figure it out and sometimes you get the baby to stop crying but sometimes you fail and nothing calms him down. It’s that maternal instinct that drives you to care for that child and find the answer to why he cries; one you won’t find in a book.

¿What is for me?

Maternal instinct for me is having this immense love for your child and wanting to protect the baby no matter what. It’s hearing my baby cry and wanting to take that pain away. I rather it be me than to see him suffer. It’s hearing his cry and instantly reacting because you feel something is wrong. It’s seeing him fall down and keeping calm to make sure he is not hurt.

Paternal instinct

I know there is paternal instinct because my husband relates to my feelings and tells he will do everything in his power to always protect our son. I believe him but it doesn’t compare to the maternal instinct that I feel. I created this life and this baby became my responsibility the moment I found out I was pregnant. Scientists can say it doesn’t exist and some women might argue they don’t feel it, but no one can prove me wrong
because the maternal instinct I feel is true and it lives in me.

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