Healthy pregnancy: tips for all moms

Hey mamas! I’m gonna tell you about my healthy pregnancy and hopefully my insights can help you if you’re pregnant or planning to be. I literally worked out for 40 weeks. Every single day I worked out for an hour. I love going to the gym and I was very active prior to getting pregnant.

Working out in pregnancy

With my doctor’s guidance I modified my workouts. I mainly walked and did arm workouts with light weights. I didn’t run nor do extreme workouts because most days I was sleepy and tired. But it was extremely important for me to walk and do squats. I read that squats would help during labor, so every day I did at least 30 squats and those squats did help.

Eat healthy

It’s important to eat healthy foods. Please do not take it to heart the saying: “I’m eating for 2.” The size of your baby goes from the size of a coin to the size of a pineapple. That baby in your belly does not eat that amount of food you’re serving yourself. Of course, you will have cravings and there’s nothing wrong with indulging, but with caution. Doctors will advise you to gain healthy weight because if you gain too much, it can lead to complications during birth. And if you end up gaining a lot of weight, it could be harder to get your body back after you give birth.

Drink lots of water. I mean a lot. If you normally drink three glasses of water a day, I suggest you drink six. Eliminate coffee, soft drinks, juices, etc. and drink water all day long. Of course it will be annoying to have to go to the bathroom so often, but trust me, it’s for your own good.

Reduce stress

Reduce stress and remain positive. This is the time to prepare your body, mind and soul. Try and reduce stress related to work, family, friends, your surroundings etc. Stay away from negative situations and toxic environments. Remember that the baby will feel your emotions so focus on making that baby feel love and happiness. Take care of your body. Make sure to get plenty of rest. There will be days when that belly is growing and so is that discomfort. You might be nauseous, have swollen feet, and aches in your back. There will days when you won’t feel like getting out of bed.


Make sure to take a step back and just care for your body. Perhaps you can skip on a family outing and instead stay home and sleep. Remember that your body is housing that beautiful baby and it’s preparing for labor. Lastly, be happy and enjoy. During these nine months, not everything will be happiness. Situations may arise, complications in pregnancy, physical discomfort or real life events that cannot be controlled. There will be days when you can’t workout, you can’t manage to keep any food down, you can’t sleep or something in life is bothering you. But know that you are close to meeting your baby. So rub your belly all day long and remember that your are blessed.

The most important thing is the health of your baby, therefore during your pregnancy follow your doctor’s orders and make sure you do your part in carrying out a healthy pregnancy.

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