Changing diapers: the nightmare time

When you’re pregnant you know there will be a lot of diaper changing and you hear stories about babies pooping all over you. But once you become a mom, you quickly realize it’s and endless cycle and the entire day is consumed with changing diapers. Let’s talk about changing diapers and let’s address why most men refuse to do it.

It’s just my baby or if all babies are the same

Since my son was born, as soon as we change his diaper, within seconds he goes to the bathroom again. I change the dirty diaper and I feel like he purposely waits until he has a clean one. Sometimes I’ll wait a bit longer to change his diaper, to give him time to finish, but I change it and he does it again. And I can’t tell you how many times there has been a poop explosion.


When my baby was 5 months, my husband and I were out having breakfast and when we checked his diaper, he had poop up the entire back. It seemed like he had taken a dip in the poopoo pool. So I went to the bathroom and it was so tiny that I could barely fit. There was no baby changing table and the sink didn’t work. My husband told me the men’s bathroom was dirty. So we changed him at the table where we had breakfast. Yes, it was embarrassing and at that moment we were stressed and panicking, but later on all we could do was laugh. Let’s just say we are definitely not going back to that restaurant.

Changing a diaper is easy but not all diapers are the same

I have been using one particular brand since he was born but during a trip to Guadalajara, we ran out of diapers. Since we would return home in two days, we chose a brand that had a few diapers and was on sale. My baby got a rash and a fungus on his poor baby bottom. The pediatrician said it was due to the humidity and plastic from the diaper. She gave me a cream and told me to immediately stop using those. We learned a lesson the hard way. Mamas, try different brands and stick to what works for your baby. After two weeks my baby healed but never again will I purchase low quality products.

Why won’t some men do it?

All the men around me refuse to change my baby’s diaper, except for my husband. They get grossed out and imply that it’s a women’s job to do it. I’m not sure if this is an issue with latino men or all men in general. My husband changes the baby’s diaper all the time; in fact, he does it more than me. If we are out at a public place, my husband will go in to the restroom with me and change the diaper. My husband is very hands-on but I don’t see it as: Wow, I’m a lucky woman! On the contrary, he is my husband, my life partner and most importantly, the baby’s father. Yes, he works and is the sole income provider, but I don’t cut him slack when it comes to our child. Both of us are the parents and both of us are responsible for raising and caring for our son.

It’s not rocket science to change a diaper and it’s an unavoidable task. Trust me, later on we will miss changing those dirty diapers. Most times my baby is fussy but other times as I change his diaper, I sing to him, I make him laugh, I tickle him, I kiss him and I stare into his beautiful eyes. Changing diapers will soon be memories as we watch our babies grow up.

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