How to know if he likes you according to your zodiac sign

 Each sign will give you different signals that you like it. While some are very shy, others will be very direct. With this guide, you can know more safely if he is interested in you according to his zodiacal sign. Take note!

How to know if you like an Aries

Aries is not a sign of rodeos. Within two minutes of getting to know him, you will notice whether he likes you or not. He has no hair on his tongue to say what he thinks, so once he has his eyes on you he will do his best to conquer you . Keep in mind that if an Aries tells you that he wants you for one night it’s because he wants to. On the contrary, if he proposes something serious he will fight with everything to conquer you .

How to know if you like a Taurus

Do not be surprised that if you like a Taurus, he is behind you for years without saying anything, but quietly insisting on the possibility that they have something. If you are in the sights of a Taurus the invitations to live adventures, to make trips unplanned and to know new restaurants will be a constant. Sometimes they label the Taurus as insecure not to jump into the water in love. However, they are looking for a compatible partner and that generates the stability they long for.

How to Tell If You Like a Gemini

If he likes you, he will endeavor to please you, to give you pleasure in what you want and to put your plans before his own. He needs to be a kind and charming person. They are conquerors par excellence, they love to seduce and be seduced. If you are interested in yourself you will be hanging around all the time and surprising you with small details. You must also be careful because to conquer you will not be afraid to tell lies. Geminians admire intelligence and as a magnet they attract people with defined personality and character. If you are able to arouse the admiration of a Gemini, you will stop looking for the love of a flower in bloom to look only at you.

How to Tell If You Like a Cancer

Generally, in love they are shown as cold and indomitable people, which makes it difficult to identify whether they like you or not. Do not expect him or her to take the initiative and throw themselves with their eyes closed. They are afraid to show their feelings and be rejected . Keep in mind that when you win a Cancer, you win a very loyal, homely and generous person. This tends to be either very extroverted or withdrawn and seek refuge in their home. So what what   Do not be surprised that your first invitations are for dinner or   Watch a movie at home.

How to know if you like a Leo

Leo is one of the easiest signs to understand in terms of his behavior. If he likes you, he will tell you and do exaggerated things to conquer you . Leo is not afraid of romanticism, dedicating songs, giving gifts and expressing his feelings in front of his acquaintances. If you attract him, everyone will know even before you. If he is behind you and you reject him, he will put all his efforts, energy and creativity in conquering you.

How to know if you like a Virgo

Sometimes, being very helpful and the first ones who stand up to do a favor may confuse you and make you doubt whether they are interested in you or not. Virgo is always looking for perfection and detail. It is a reserved sign that frequently lives superficial relationships because their lack of security often restrain them from loving. It costs them to make friends, if you show that they can trust you and realize that they have common tastes, they will try to do something to get your attention and you will have gained miles of land.

How to know if you like a Libra

If it is behind you, the attentions and compliments will be daily bread . He will strive to tell you the qualities he most likes about you. Also from the beginning you will speak with sincerity to clarify the feelings. S on wide, if you’re following, you will be invited to meet his friends, his home, where he works activities and even the tireless roster of talent that makes him one of the most artistic zodiac signs.

How to Tell If You Like a Scorpion

Scorpio is a powerful sign that will take you steadily along the paths of uncertainty and indecision. He likes to play “yes and no”. To find out if a Scorpio is interested in you, you have to learn to read the signs. He will hear you speak and remember what you told him . It will also make you feel unique, because when you are with you you will not waste time talking to others or with your phone.

How to know if you like a Sagittarius

If you like a Sagittarius, two things can happen, or that you flirt tirelessly because they like the emotion that generates the new and tell you what they feel. On the other hand, it will make you appear that you are not interested in hiding yourself by your true feelings, but occasionally showing some flirtation . R emember that being a fire sign does not like easy things, the more it costs them conquistarte will be much more interested.

How to know if you like a Capricorn

 To know if you like a Capricorn you have to keep in mind that he is a born researcher. He will want to know everything about you, from your best memory to whether you have a relationship . If the answer to this last question is yes, watch out! You will not stop at the conquest, for they do not care that you are not available. If you are really interested in yourself, you will have no problem in pleasing yourself over the account. Will smile   Look for excuses to talk to you or even change your look for the one that seems best to you. They are also able to change their routine to one that suits your taste. You’ll almost always be right. Being so rational know very well that accommodating to the likes of others can get what they want.

How to know if you like an Aquarium

 The first symptoms that an aquarium likes is the lack of affectionate expressions and contact . They are characterized by being cold and not sweet. You must know that before trying to conquer you will try to win your friendship. They look more than other signs on the physical side, they like attractive people and they feel proud when they have managed to have what they want.

How to know if you like a Pisces

 Pisces falls in love easily and of which it is easy and pleasant to fall in love because they are very romantic and affectionate. Knowing if you like a piscis is a simple task. From the first moment it will show your interest in you . He will offer you a big smile and respond with sympathy to everything you propose.   If you are sensitive, tender, creative and show off without masks you will surely like a Pisces.

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