HITT Mini session to tone your whole body in 15 minutes

HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) or training in high intensity intervals is one of the most effective ways to acquire resistance and burn a lot of fat. This is achieved because of the body’s ability to oxidize both glucose and fat. The HITT to tone your whole body will work wonders in a few weeks. Do you dare to meet the challenge?

The only requirement for the routine to work is that it is high intensity. In short: fast movements and no rest. You can not stop moving in this training, so, in your marks, ready ?, you go!

Push up with spider

Lots of strength in arms and abdomen this exercise is quite demanding . Hands open to the height of your shoulders and feet well planted on the floor. Guide your leg to one side and swing your hip to kick the opposite side of your torso; Then stretch your leg back as you bend your elbows and lower your chest. You must complete one minute on each side.


Do 3 minutes with each leg. Place your hands at shoulder height and raise your pelvis while one of your feet is resting on the floor. Raise and lower your pointed leg without touching the floor with your pelvis or foot and come back. Finally, you just have to change your leg. This session of HITT to tone your whole body seriously will make you sweat .


Move this way for 3 and a half minutes. Start in a squatting position. Do the squat and jump stretching fully as you return to the starting position. Do not forget that this movement is continuous, jump after jump without stopping . It’s only 3 and a half minutes. Give the best of you. Move on!


Perform 3 minutes of jump side by side. Keep one leg stretched while the other is your center of balance. It moves the weight of one leg to the other controlling the movement. Do it as fast and as deep as you can. You’re almost done

Finally, do not forget to include in your routine previous stretches and, of course, after finishing. You can repeat this routine up to 5 times.

Este video te puede gustar