Women will let themselves go after having kids and it is so true

Normally when our child sleeps, we scroll through the photos in our phone and reminisce on those special memories, even though the kid is literally in-front of us. But the other day I was scrolling through my pictures (pre-baby) and noticed two things. The first and most obvious was that I no longer took pictures of myself; it was all about the baby. The second was that I used to have this confidence that seemed to now be gone. So I thought about how easy it is to loose your confidence in motherhood. 

I’ve heard that women will let themselves go after having kids and it is so true.

We have to manage our time but we no longer have the same amount of free time as before we had kids. You can squeeze in a workout but you probably don’t spend as much time at the gym as you did before. You can book your hair and nail appointments but your children’s schedules come first; therefore you don’t book those appointments as frequently. Some even forget or don’t have time to schedule their dentist and doctor appointments because they are too busy taking their kids to their appointments. 

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Let’s talk about our physical appearance

Maybe you lost the baby weight or maybe you haven’t, but the reality is that you feel like your body is foreign. Your go to wardrobe might be easy and comfortable outfits and therefore most of your clothes is simply stored. Your heels are put away because you wear comfortable shoes you can run around in. Your hair is probably up in a bun or in a pony tail and you rarely style it. Your makeup routine becomes something simple and fast. You no longer have the time to spend uninterrupted hours and hours to get ready. Most of us multitask like nurse the baby as we apply mascara. Everything that involves us as a woman takes a backseat because everything that involves us as a mother takes the wheel. 

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Our children are the most important aspect in our lives; but what about us?

Despite the challenges and time conflicts of motherhood, we are at the end of the day women. Why do we neglect ourselves? Why do we loose our confidence? We are moms and perhaps society makes us believe that putting our needs is selfish and makes us bad moms. I’m not saying lets neglect our children; but let’s stop neglecting ourselves.  

Let’s make a conscious effort to get that confidence back. In fact, we are strong women. We are the head of our household. We are the engine that keeps our family running. We keep our family together. We juggle so many things at once. We are mothers and should have even more confidence. We hear so much about self-care and self-love, but do we really do anything about it? Lets vow to do something on a daily basis that will boost our self-confidence. Cue Demi Lovato: “What’s wrong with being confident?” 

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