Signs that HE is falling for you

I wish we could read their minds and know exactly what they are thinking and feeling for us. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, the signals can become confusing. We do not want to rush too much, but we do not want to let the person that interests us go. So how do you know if he’s falling in love with you? Fortunately there are signs that do not lie and then we introduce you what they are. Then you will know exactly what he is feeling for you and if his can become something else.

Think of yourself at all times

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The messages of “good morning” and “how is your day?” Are frequent. He is looking for excuses to write you and even if he does not find them, he does. This is an excellent sign!

Treat you with respect

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When a boy is falling in love it shows in the way he treats you. Be attentive and pay attention to details. In addition, it will differentiate because it will treat you with utmost respect.

Do not feel sorry for hugging you in public

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A boy in love will hug you when you feel like it. He will also take your hand and kiss you no matter if they are in public. These displays of affection feel completely natural and can not be contained. Does it sound familiar, then your boy may be falling madly in love with you.

Look for any excuse to see you

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He wants to spend time with you and any excuse is good. Even if it is just to accompany you home or eat together, appreciate those little moments and love to spend them with you.

Her look says it all

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At this point we must use some of our sixth female sense. We know “normal” looks and looks of love. This look is characterized because he sees you as if he could not believe that he found someone as wonderful as you. In addition, it may be that caches several times seeing you without you noticing. This is a clear sign that he is falling in love with you.

Take care of yourself

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Not that I think you’re a little girl that needs to be looked after, but will do everything possible so you do not have to go through bad times. In addition, you will always be available to help you. For example, after a bad day, you are sure to get creative to give you encouragement and to relax.

Not afraid to introduce yourself to your family and friends

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If you are important to him, he will surely want to introduce you to his whole family. The same thing happens when you introduce your friends and co-workers. If you are not looking at yours as something serious, you will surely avoid these encounters at all costs. If you presume between family and friends , it is definitely an excellent sign that everything is going well.

They become “we”

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The “I” is finished, now they are a unit and he can not think only in himself. If you have noticed that he speaks using the word “we”, he is most likely already in love. He considers you an important part of his life and is excited to make future plans with you.

Do not be afraid to say “sorry”

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If your boy is in love and argue for any eventuality, he will have no problem apologizing if he is wrong, because he cares and knows how to recognize his mistakes.

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