If you need to lose weight fast: try the “apple diet”

Have you heard of the apple diet? It is a diet that takes advantage of the nutritional characteristics of the apple to help you lose weight fast. Do not be scared, it is not about eating only apple, that would be very dangerous for your health. It actually consists of including apples at your breakfast and dinner. Because it is very restrictive, it is important to do it for a very short time. By following it, you can lose three to five kilos in a week. So it is recommended to do it if you are going to attend some important event and you want to lose some pounds before. If you are willing to join this diet, we will tell you all the details below.

How the apple diet works

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The apple is a fruit that contains a lot of fiber. In addition, consuming it with your meals will help you feel satisfied , preventing you from overeating. The apple diet focuses on lunch, since eating breakfast apples and dinner lunch becomes the focus meal time. By using this meal time to consume vegetables and low-fat meats, give the missing nutrients to your body to continue with the diet.

How to make apple diet

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  • The best option to start it is a weekend, because the first day only eat apples. Doing this one day does not pose health risks, but you will notice one of the first consequences: feeling tired that you can counter with some rest. Thus, you will feel less weak if you do not have to work and you will get much better.
  • The next two days you can incorporate more food, such as meat, poultry, fish or vegetables. In addition, you can eat apples throughout the day controlling the calories.
  • On the fourth day, breakfast should include a portion of protein and carbohydrates. The only requirement is to eat only fruit during dinner so as not to accumulate fat while you sleep.
  • If you feel low energy in the mornings, take a glass of oatmeal, it will serve as an extra contribution of calories and also will satisfy you so that you are not hungry.

Does it really work?

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It works, and it’s also very versatile because you can carry it out with no problem anywhere, as long as you have an apple on hand.

Contrary to what happens with other diets, it is not necessary to process or prepare a recipe to eat a green apple. You should only wash it well before eating it.

When you have started to lose weight, predictably on the sixth day, you will have lost about four or five kilos very quickly . Now, you need to add more food to get back to a healthy habit. Do not eat too much hit after finishing the diet of the apple, because you will fall into the rebound effect.

Disadvantages and contraindications

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Many people find it difficult to limit themselves to apples alone. Since this type of diet focuses on a single food, at the end of the process do not be surprised if you do not want to see an apple for a while. Since the apple diet requires lunches with meats, it is not optimal for vegetarians. I recommend that you consult your doctor to see if the apple diet is right for you. Since it is low in carbohydrates, there are people who find it a bit debilitating .

If you find this diet is quite heavy, a modified version simply means eating one or two apples before each food, since the apple helps you to fill you up and is extremely rich in fiber.

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